This is a source of information about the history of the Williams Valley that remains largely unexplored. Some Aboriginal archaeology has been done on the upper Williams as part of the investigations of the impact of the Tillegra Dam.[1] Apart from that, a number of potential archaeological sites are known but have not been investigated. These include various Chinese gardens, flour mills and brick kilns. Most interesting is perhaps the site of Wades Cornflour mill just across the Williams River from Dungog town itself. On the same side of the river and only a little further downstream is the site of Sunville – the first Catholic Chapel in Dungog.

The Clarence Рbuilt on the Williams River in 1841 is now the site of an archaeological study in Port Philip Bay. The potential archaeological value of the Williams River around Clarence Town was examined by Taylor as long ago as 1977.

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  1. See the excellent: Hardy, Vanessa, Tillegra Dam Aboriginal Archaeology Environmental Assessment Report (Cultural Heritage Connections, August, 2008).