Dictionary of Biography

identifiable individuals, families and communal groups

The task of identifying individuals or even families and groups within the history of any area is fraught with difficulties. Nevertheless it is one well worth the risks and as the increasing popularity of family histories show, one that many find very rewarding. Modern attitudes shy away from making a selection based on ‘prominence’, or ‘success’ or even wealth, and any criteria selected will always seem arbitrary. However, the Internet now makes feasible the establishment of an open listing with the only limit being the ability or willingness to compile and sort the information available.

The entries here are intended as an arbitrary start to a ‘Williams Valley Dictionary of Biography’.

Individuals & Families

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Communal or defined groups

It is not always possible to identify all individuals yet the participation of these unnamed people in the history of Dungog Shire district is clear. For these, it is only possible to mention the group to which such individuals belonged.

Gringai people

Sisters of St Joseph

Mackenzie’s shepherds

Vernon Boys & Barnados Boys and Girls

Wattle Club women