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State Archives of NSW

Special bundles: Aborigines 1833-44: Papers dealing with the issue of blankets, and including returns of the native population in the various districts.

Copies of letters sent, Dungog Court of Petty Sessions, March 4th, 1839 to February 4th, 1851, [Magistrate’s Letterbooks], Series number: 2965, SR Reels 2679-2680, 3 vols.

Replies of Dungog Bench, Report from the Select Committee on the Condition of the Aborigines,1845.

Australian National Library

Dungog Magistrates’ letterbook for the police districts of Dungog and Port Stephens, New South Wales, 1834-1839.

Australian Archives

SP109/3; Miscellaneous Newspapers – Dungog “Chronicle”

AA: SP 32/1, Postmaster, Dungog to Secretary, General Post Office, Sydney, 18/4/1882.

A2483; Dungog Patriotic Funds

A1928; Public Health Engineering NSW – Dungog

A101; Rifle Range Dungog

A1336; Copyright Registered 2nd Dec 1953, ‘Apparatus for Bottling Fruits and Vegetables by Vacuum’.

A1336; Copyright Registered 6th Aug 1964, ‘Reach Me Down a Star’

A2487; Wallarobba Local Committee, 1919.

Clarence Town Historical Society Files

Clarence Town’s Early Chinese Citizens 19th and 20th Centuries.

Historical list of Clarence Town buildings.

Clarence Town Post Masters.

Police Postings at Clarence Town, NSW.

Dungog Historical Society Files

Extension of Inland Service in 1858, Postmaster General’s Report, 1859.

Postmaster General’s Report, 1861.

Report of the Mail Route between West Maitland, Paterson, and Dungog, Brown to Postmaster General, 28/7/1877.

McKinlay to Pelham Aldrich, 5/11/1884.

Home Recreations to Secretary, School of Arts, Dungog, 6/5/1926.

Dungog Shire Community Development Group, 15/9/1975.

Charles Redman to Dungog Historical Society, 14/4/1988.

Department of Mineral Resources, Letter Dec 10th, 1991.

Grogan, M. J., Wangat Village, (n.d.).

Gresford District Historical Society Files

Gresford Businesses – 1929, 1947, 1949, 1968.

Readford, Donald, Guide to Assigned Convicts of the Paterson/Gresford area 1821/1838 (2006).

Reminiscences of Bruce Saxby, 10th August, 2009.

Newspapers & Magazines:

NSW Government Gazette

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

Maitland Weekly Mercury

Australian Town and Country

Dungog Chronicle

Supplement to the “Dungog Chronicle”, Education in Dungog 1851 – 1976 … and beyond, September 30, 1976.

The Oddfellows’ Magazines, January, 1845, No.VII.

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Diane Ellis – interviewed 28/3/2012

Glynn Hefren – interviewed 23/4/2012

Delma Lawrence – interviewed 5/4/2012

Ian Lyall – interviewed 28/3/2012

Allan Nash – interviewed 8/3/2012

Ray Neilson – interviewed 26/4/2012

Ken Rubeli – interviewed 4/3/2012 & 25/3/2012

Grafton Shelton – interviewed 19/4/2012

Unpublished Sources:

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